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Relax, the humanity!

Video 12.07.2015 at 03:27


Relax, the humanity!, Lecturer: Nikolay Kukushkin, an hour and a half you will learn why humans are different from other mammals, and mammals from other animals, how it determines our thinking and reasoning – problems of humanity. Nick will talk about the nature of computation in the cortex and how these calculations different people over the centuries have clashed with each other, leading to hatred, wars and discrimination. At the end of the lecture you will understand why is actually all people are brothers, and why the next stage of human development is a global relaxation.

the Lecture is accompanied by a discussion, where you will get the opportunity to ask Kukushkin any question. Next evening of universal unity picks up the pace and then gradually proceed to practical training. Kohl's friends promise a night of music from around the world – from dub Jamaican and Afro-beat from Ghana to Latin funk and new York hip-hop.

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