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Egyptian civilization is considered one of the most, despite the UPS and downs in the process of its formation, it has left us with not only amazing, but also really luxurious heritage, has preserved for us many monuments, which have become true symbols of Egypt. The history of human civilization began in the 4th century BC, existing for thousands of years, it has a rich history and it's not just about Egypt, because there was also a lot of other civilizations, alas, almost none of them survived until our days, but nevertheless they were, and let the memory of them is stored now in the pages of history. But people never thought about how big is the significance of the heritage left behind by the ancestors and we are talking not only about cultural and historical monuments, because to some extent the legacy of the past contained within us. So what is inherited and from whom we have received? In the Studio: corresponding member of RAS, Dean of the philosophical faculty of Moscow state University Vladimir Vasilievich Mironov, doctor of historical Sciences, Director of the Center for Egypt studies - Galina Belova.

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