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Black Scale | G Pro Vaporizer + Pallet ILLEGAL + Card Grinder

INDICA — Goods discount 24.07.2015 at 04:00

INDICA — Goods discount

Black Scale from the company Grenco Science ® - Vaporizer for dry aroma of herbs and tobacco with the exclusive design in the style of a perforated leather.

the Pioneers in the field of functional street wear and exclusive dark style design and high fashion Black Scale continues to push the boundaries of relationships and design. They started in San Francisco and quickly expand to have a flagship position in new York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris - Black Scale in California as Grenco Science.

Thus, Black Scale and Grenco Science have joined forces to create Blvck x Science Collection - introducing a specially designed vaporizer Black Scale G Pro. This is a real convectional vaporizer with 3 temperature regimes, presented in a stunning design in perforated leather and packaged in a collector's box that includes Blvck G card grinder and the original tray ILLEGAL.

Vaporizer Black Scale | G Pro has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 12 reviews.

instructions for use of vaporizer Black Scale | G Pro:

Fully charge your Blvck Scvle | G Pro before use.

Before switching on, fill the thermo camera milled dry aroma of herbs, not above its upper limit.

To turn on/off vaporizer need brown sugar 5 times to press the button.

Immediately after turning on the button lights in red and begins heating the thermo camera.

Upon reaching the desired temperature, the button will change its color from red to green, it means that you can begin to inhale the vapor.

To change the temperature of heating after switching on the G Pro, press and hold the button for 1-2 seconds until the lower indicator will not change its color.

the temperature Indicator Black Scale G PRO:

Red - 160°C | Green - 193°C | Blue - 215°C

Click here to view full instructions for vaporizer Black Scale | G Pro

What you get bundled with vaporizer Black Scale | G Pro:

1 Vaporizer Black Scale | G Pro with built-in battery 2000mAh

1 G Pro Cover-mouthpiece

1 G Pro Filter

5 G Pro Metal mesh

1 G Pro Detochka for cleaning

G Pro 2 Silicone mouthpiece long

3 G Pro Silicone mouthpiece

1 G Pro USB Cable for charging

1 Black Scale tray ILLEGAL

1 Black Scale branded packaging

1 G Card grinder Black Scale from Grenco Science ™

Vaporizer Black Scale G PRO Herbal produces steam with a rich aroma, G PRO sets a new standard of quality among PVS.

Price: 6 990 rubles. Special offer: 5 500 rubles.

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