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Is it possible to make money on Internet financial products?

ANTICOLLISION 05.08.2015 at 08:42

Blog "Anticollision" dedicated to loans and loan defaulters.

Can I make money on the Internet financial products? Immediately write the answer! And now to the main event, but how? Option # 1. To invest their own funds with the allocation of risks. Take a standard amount of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) rubles. The investment period of one year. Divide the sum of 100 000 (one hundred thousand) to 10 parts. The money is invested in PAMM-accounts. I recommend the accounts of Alfa-Forex . Carefully read the terms and conditions offered by the PAMM-account. What Commission he takes. If Your savings in Russian rubles, and I recommend to choose ruble accounts. The contribution of a minimum of one year. You will receive approximately 100% of the profits from the contribution. 10000 roubles, the Deposit - 10000 rubles profit. Deposits in Depository banks. There are deposits offered by Banks of the Russian Federation under high percent. This is about 17% per annum. Contribution 10000, profit 1,700 rubles Deposits in mutual funds. With these inputs, the picture is much more complicated. Here profit is impossible to calculate, because the profits for the future unpredictable. But if we do the statistical calculations, we can understand that some mutual Funds from year to year, showing a steady growth in profits and promise from 40 to 70%. A payment of 10,000 rubles, the profit of 6000 rubles. Buy precious metals. To the Bank to open an investment account, install the software and through the exchange to purchase precious metals. Carefully consult with experts and see the growth trend of metal prices. Profit on various metals varies for example the price of gold as of 1 January 2015 fell, but the price of natural gas has increased. The contribution of 10,000 rubles, profit 2500 rubles. The purchase of shares. Using software provided by Russian banks to buy shares of Russian companies that show steady growth. For example Sberbank shares or Norilsk Nickel have revenue of up to 70%. The contribution of 10,000 rubles, profit 4500 rubles. More highly profitable projects. These are projects that offer so-called “managers”. For a long time on the Russian market the company operates a UTI . If you invest in the “moderate portfolio”, then the contribution of 10,000 rubles, the profit will be 15181 ruble. The Company Grand Capital . The average profit per year 38% When you Deposit 10000, profit 3800 rubles. The most aggressive projects. Webtransfer-finance . Profit from 0.7% on the day. When investing 10,000 rubles, the profit will be 25,200 rubles. The recently established international community of Elbrus. . If you Deposit 10,000 rubles, the estimated income for one year is $ 29,000 rubles. Helix capital initially. There is a Facebook group that has a website. Quite complicated registration. To register click on the link In the line “You're invited” write - AlexandrVLD . The income of 10% per month. When investing 10,000 rubles, the profit of 12,000 rubles. All listed me Internet projects are quite risky. There is a huge chance to lose money. But with the right distribution, even if one project collapses, the rest will cover the losses. After all, you want to look at what profit in the end, we get))) With investment of 100000 (one hundred thousand) rubles, for the year you can get - 109881 (one hundred nine thousand eight hundred eighty one)rubles. You to decide where to invest and on what terms. I only put that offer on their sites highly profitable projects. When You decide to invest and take a risk, talk about what projects continue to work and which could appear at the time when You took action.

P. S. this article was written according to what I've invested in these projects and bringing them to your account. The default risk of investments 100% on each item. If You decide to invest, invest as much as You can afford to lose.

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