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The best time for tea parties?The problem and the solution.

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 15.08.2015 at 07:03

Blog about tea and tea travel

Today I want to talk about the best time for tea parties? How to finally start regularly drinking good quality tea, how to find the time to get dusty already Chabang and Yixing teapot or try out a new gavenko that you recently bought? There is a solution. However, what's the problem? The problem is that for the tea party will need at least 30-60 minutes. You need to focus and give yourself time to explore the flavor, taste, color, observe the sensations. I suggest you think about it...there are three time of day, right? Morning, afternoon and evening. And every time of day is perfect for tea parties, but also all have their weaknesses.

Morning. Great start to the day, waking up early to boil the kettle, positive energy for the whole day. The drawback is that you have to Wake up early, and still need to get ready, put on makeup, comb your hair, shave, make Breakfast, catch the subway, bus, tube, etc. right?

the Day. Break in your work or study is necessary. With a good Cup of good tea, this break is even better. In addition, you can be recharged energy to maintain an effective level of work. And if you have lunch set aside just 1 hour? Or 30 minutes as in the University? Still need to rest, to eat, to talk, to run the business, right?

the Evening. This is a great part of the day for the tea ceremony. You've finished work or school, come home and can without distractions to make tea in my favorite gaiwan or teapot. But after an exhausting day, the main problem is laziness or tiredness, right?

now, I offer you a solution - to drink tea in the morning or evening.

1) Wake up early in the Morning. There is also a need to go to bed early the previous day. Start of day — this is a very important part of it. No wonder they say about an angry person that he is "not up". 30 minutes in the morning enough to enjoy a delicious light tea, tune in for the next day. In addition, you can combine the tea with the view tasks for the day or to think about your goals, dreams, desires and capabilities. Set yourself a goal from the evening, get up early, prepare everything you need, set the alarm clock early. My personal secret is to choose a tea that you either very much in love and have not had or who want very much to try. I really like the quote by Paulo Coelho: "Every morning is the time to start life anew." So why not start it with warm palocci of tea in her hand?

2) in the Evening, turn off venograms the TV and select the hour and a half to a tea party with friends, family or alone. Afternoon tea is useful for the analysis of your day, to set goals for the next day, for a heartfelt conversation with family and friends. After all, tea is like a ritual that will help to bring together family members on a simple sincere conversation. It seems to me that in today's world it is honest sincere conversations and not enough. However the search with complaints about life, people, politics, and other negative feelings. People need positive, calm, determination and desire to change. The Dalai Lama said, " If you can resolve the issue, it is not necessary to worry about it. If the problem is insoluble, to worry about it is pointless." Start to change yourself and your perception of the world will change!

3) Choose a tea, given the time of day. Tea that excites the nervous system and after which it is difficult to sleep, do not drink in the evening. It is clear that the tea a different effect on everyone, and that the effects of caffeine in tea is more mild than in coffee, but in the morning you can drink almost any tea, while in the evening it is better to drink white, green, yellow teas, assorted herbal calming teas that will set you on the calm wave and will contribute to good sleep. The morning, personally I prefer green teas or Oolongs. They don't overload the nervous system, but give care, and recharges energy. PU-erh and red teas you can drink during the day. Black Indian, Ceylon teas or mixtures of different black teas such as English Breakfast can also drink during the day or perhaps morning.

You probably noticed that the frequent use of tea ware, such as Yixing teapots, galvanic, tea boards is only good. Teapots become more smooth, sonorous, tea boards, though there are different cracks and stuff, but they become so close, so loved by their owners. Tea figurines filled with same meaning, which lays the owner. Remember, I said that drinking tea is a ritual. This is a very personal ritual, each part of which is filled with a certain sense, but it is different for all people. Drink tea regularly, drink good quality tea, drink tea from a beautiful dish and just take time for yourself. Time to enjoy every SIP, time to feel and understand the aroma and taste and feel and unravel the aftertaste. Enjoy your tea with friends! Follow us on Instagram ! Let's drink tea together! Ask questions and write comments!

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