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Neural and molecular mechanisms of memory

Video 19.08.2015 at 10:16


13 August Social movement "Russia 2045" organized a lecture of doctor of biological Sciences, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Balaban about the neural and molecular mechanisms of memory. It is well known the quench phenomenon of memory that is observed during repeated reminder. But on the other hand, "Repetitio est mater studiorum" (repetition is the mother of learning). Question about the neural and molecular mechanisms of long-term memory storage (stability), the possibility of changing the memory when the reminder (plasticity) will be presented in lectures based on the latest data. When we remember an event, the memory of it getting worse or better? What is the material basis of memory? Is it possible to edit the memory? Is it possible to completely erase the memory? These and many other questions were discussed during the lecture. Pavel Miloslavich Balaban – doctor of biology, corresponding member of RAS, Professor, head of laboratory of cellular neurobiology of learning, Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS, Director of Undip wounds.

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