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The taste of socialist Vietnam.

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 24.08.2015 at 15:05

Blog about tea and tea travel

Inspired by a recent trip, I decided to tell you about this kind of picturesque country, which not only produces a coffee that is known worldwide, but also produces tea. Yes, today we talk about Vietnam, a country that is becoming quite popular among travelers and vacationers. Despite the fact that the me to visit the tea plantations did not work, I still found the information I needed, which I hasten to share with my beloved readers. A small country with a territory comparable to the half of the territory of the Irkutsk region (331 000 sq km), manages to enter the top-10 leaders in coffee production, producing 18% of the world total coffee. And besides, Vietnam produces more than 5% of the world's tea.

Despite the fact that tea began to perform in Vietnam since the late 19th century (the first plantation founded by the French, seized Indochina, in 1890), active production a little more than 60 years, the Vietnamese continue to increase its market share and also improve the quality of their teas. Although our stay was close to Dalat, where often carry tourists to look at the coffee and tea fields, we decided not to go there, probably in vain. Still, I managed to bring back from Vietnam not only coffee, but tea with Lotus. However, everything in order.

an Interesting feature of the history of tea in Vietnam is that its development was strongly influenced by the USSR. In the 60 years of Vietnamese tea factories were built by the Soviet developments. In addition, dozens of specialists from the Soviet Union conducted research on the tea industries of Vietnam. Also at that time the USSR was the most important importer of Vietnamese tea. In 1957, Vietnam has put in the USSR more than 700 tons of black and 500 tons of green tea.

If we talk about the current situation, in 2009 the share of Vietnam on the world tea market was still only a little over 5%. Coming to Vietnam, tourists love to try the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk (and I am no exception). However, in addition to coffee in Vietnam is quite expensive Jasmine tea and tea with Lotus. By the way, the Vietnamese rarely drink black tea. They prefer green tea and drink it often during the day. It is served in hotels and on arrival.

As I said, in Russia from this Sunny country I have brought the Lotus tea. It is customary to drink during Tet, the Vietnamese new year on solar-lunar calendar. In 2015, this festival falls on February 19. How to make tea? Fresh blooming Lotus flowers gather, process them manually, removing the leaves and leaving only the dust cover, small yellow stems, which after blended green tea. To better visualize the whole process, watch the video:

To produce a kilo Lotus tea necessary kilogram of Lotus flowers. Honestly, the smell of the tea is very sweet but the taste is pleasant. Who does this tea is very useful. It has a relaxing effect, helping to calm down, helps to improve digestion.

If we talk in General about the trip, as elsewhere, there are good experiences and not so good, but you can't contradict the fact that, thanks to his diligence and perseverance, Vietnam continues to improve the quality of their products and increase market share. Set includes impressions: a huge number of bikes, Vinpearl water Park, which closes VERY early, hot sun, delicious bitter strong coffee with condensed milk, a lot of Russian tourists and a lot of delicious fresh fruits.

Why I love traveling is because there is an opportunity to learn how other people live, learn culture, tradition and a little language. Friends, travel as much as possible. So you can see the problems that exist in Russia in large numbers, but also Podkarpacie solutions from other countries, you will get new knowledge, experience and generally shake themselves! As told by Hans Christian Andersen : "to Move, to breathe, to fly, to swim, to get what you give, to explore , to travel is to live". If you liked the article, share it with your friends! You are already subscribed to our Instagram????No????Here is the link, subscribe!!!Let's drink tea together!!!

Record the Taste of socialist Vietnam. first appeared Canary tea.

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