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Bionic exoskeleton, heart-on-a-chip sensor for transplantation

Video 09.09.2015 at 04:56


In the new issue of was something "news avatar-technology": 1) a Team of researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) successfully tested a bionic exoskeleton that does not require surgical intervention to integrate with the nervous system. Thanks to the exoskeleton completely paralyzed people were able to move. 2) the Company "Transmedics" has developed a system that is able to revive human organs removed from the body for transplantation. Even if a stopped heart hooked up to the system after 20 minutes, it can become clogged again. 3) engineers from the University of Toronto has developed a micro sensor, which is capable of 30 minutes to assess lungs intended for transplantation, and to determine, save that body someone's life or transplantation is doomed to failure. 4) Bioengineers from the University of Toronto have developed a quick and easy way to "build" cardiac muscle tissue of lab-grown cells, reminiscent of the buckle is Velcro on shoes or clothing. The main advantage of technology - ease of use, the pieces of fabric you can build directly in the moment when you need them, take them apart just as easily.