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The history of mobile electronics

Video 09.09.2015 at 05:10


Did you Know that the first smartphone with a touch screen went on sale in 1994? And that is one of the first smartphones can be disassembled into 2 parts and use the telephone and computer separately? Or that the smartphone appeared before the invention of the word "smartphone"? Represent one of the lecturers Omsk "Smoking room Gutenberg" - Cyril Leifer, developer, student of the 6th course in the Department of computer science State University. Three years ago, Cyril began to collect old smartphones, PDAs, and other handheld devices. Today he has a rather interesting collection of rarities. And now, having so many ancient gadgets, he can trace the history of their development. - The whole lecture in one sentence probably means: "Smartphones have come a long and difficult path to major things to turn into toys" jokes Cyril.