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3D-printed chest, transplantation of a human head

Video 14.09.2015 at 09:37


1) Australian scientists jointly with the Spanish surgeons have added to the growing list of 3D-printed medical implants printed on 3D-printer titanium chest for 54-year-old cancer patient. 2) an Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero called future partner to conduct the world's first transplant of a human head. It will be a Chinese surgeon Shen Xiaoping (Ren Xiaoping) from Harbin Institute of medicine, which conducts experiments on transplanting the heads of mice. 3) recently held an experiment of the European space Agency, during which astronaut Andreas Mogensen on Board the International space station at an altitude of about 400 kilometers above the Earth, controlled the robot with a joystick and force feedback technology. 4) Beijing scientists have created an artificial heart, working on the basis of space technologies. A device similar to the core of a missile system has already been tested on the experimental sheep, lived with him for 120 days. 5) Scientists from the jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA has teamed up with researchers from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology to create a robot hedgehog, able to function and collect information in microgravity environments.