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What happens with Coca Cola if it to fill with gas ?

Video 18.09.2015 at 06:14


Attention, flammable, traumatic.

If Coke to napsylate liquid gas for lighters and flip the bottle, it will turn into a jet ROCKET ! But why is this happening? The secret is in the boiling point of the gas. Propane, butane, isobutane boil at a temperature lower than the air around us. Once liquefied, the gas enters a Coke it does not mingle with it, and floats on the surface. In contact with Coke, it goes into the gas phase, which forms the gas layer between the Coke and propane. Boiling of propane is slow, but if you turn the bottle, the liquid will mix and propane will evaporate instantly, an increase in volume is more than 500 times! In the bottle it creates a lot of pressure, which pushes the contents giving a powerful pulse jet.