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Turbo lag the engine. The main characteristics.

Called turbo lag feeling when driving the car, which has the effect of reduced efficiency of the engine at low spins the turbine. Turbo lag can occur on all machines, which are equipped with turbine. Or you can purchase the turbines and turbochargers car on the website

This effect is manifested by a slow set speed. Very often, motorists complain that I add throttle, and the car not accelerating. In other words, turbo lag is a failure during acceleration, which occurs due to the inertia of the turbine.

this effect Occurs because of the presence of certain factors. When submitting a large amount of fuel is many times increases the power of the engine. If you only increase the fuel flow, it will be incomplete combustion, STO will have a negative impact on the engine power. For such purposes was produced by the turbocharger, which adds to the fuel tank a certain amount of atmospheric air.

When driving of the automobile, the turbine works with a large number of revolutions. The more exhaust gases to get into the turbine, the more it will pump fresh air. To reduce the rpm of the turbine, it is necessary to install a bypass valve, which will reallocate the exhaust gases, a positive effect on the engine. Machine moving at a minimum speed, and the motor also works with smaller rotational movements. When it comes to overtaking, the car is not gaining speed. Here works the effect of turbo pint.

After the pressure on the accelerator pedal, the cylinder enters the fuel that is burned after the spent fuel will reach the impeller of the turbine. With each pressing on the foot control set speed, and the turbine is fed into the cylinder of the engine a large amount of air. After this, there is the possibility of manoeuvres on the road.

to remove the effect of turbo pint, you need to change the engine. This is done by chip tuning. During the work of professionals change the settings of the control unit, setting the necessary parameters. Service chip tuning provide absolutely every service station. Can be installed on any car. In addition, you can set PowerBox. This device connects to the fuel gauge and completely changes the mode of operation of the engine. Also, this device makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption.