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VIP-clients of the Volga car factory

On 25 November of this year will start the mass selling of the car "Lada Vesta". You can tell that these sales will be carried out in almost the test mode, since their competition will start all over Russia. The second phase of sales will begin in the winter of next year - just in 22 regions. But by the spring of "Vesta" will be available in any region of the country.

Reported that for the first buyers of the machine will be assigned a personal Manager. Such variation is typical for major automakers, producing cars that fall under the "luxury tax". Vesta, obvious, from the number of such machines. However, this car should be able to earn. To do this, for example, on the site , engaging exciting game.

the Progress of "AVTOVAZ", but rather, of a series of "what if something happens." Vesta, despite the long-term development is the "raw" machine. It is better if the Manager is to "keep abreast".

Especially a lot of domestic issues to a automatic transmission. Manual transmission from Renault, fortunately, raises no objections.