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Review of car Chevrolet Niva

This is one of the best-selling SUV in Russia. What is the secret? At a reasonable price? Yes, but not only the price was a key factor in a stellar time of Niva Chevrolet, was just noticed the fact that some foreign used SUV, for the Fields do not constitute any competition, on the contrary, so why overpay?

what does history say?

In 1998, was first presented VAZ 2123 in Moscow. The developers, involved the change of VAZ 2121, which is unchanged produced more than 20 years. But funds for the implementation of the plan was insufficient and license, with rights to the brand Niva, bought the GM. American engineers made about 1700 of the changes in the Soviet field. And in 2002, with the conveyor began to come the first cars of Chevrolet Niva.


Now the grill is placed a large company logo of Chevrolet. Optics car has an original and interesting view, foglights are round, and on the front wings appeared improved rotary pointers. More expensive versions of the car have 16 inch wheels and on the front doors visible author Schild Bertone Edition. Aft placed stylish lights and a rear bumper loading area. Overall, an improved view of Chevrolet Niva, to use.

the Interior

the Restyling has touched and salon Fields. Petty made a lot of changes that have significantly improved the interior of the machine. The mirror attached to the windshield and rattles, there were two cupholders and additional niches for small things. On the ceiling attached lamps. Changes were made to the steering, he now Portuguese on three spokes. There were airbags and most importantly the seat belts. Now you can talk about the beauty Fields, as ergonomic and quality in the Assembly.

be Called Chevrolet Niva powerful car, it wouldn't be fair. Engine 1.7 volume has a total of 80 horse forces. But, despite this, the car has enhanced maneuverability. New models were subjected to intensive testing in the most impassable places. It was noted confident movement and persistence of Chevrolet Niva, on the way to the goal.

the User feedback suggests that the insulation of Chevrolet Niva has improved significantly.

Advantages and disadvantages

the advantages include:

• beautiful exterior;

• high quality build, especially the latest versions;

• high scores crash test;

• amazing off-road capability.

There are some disadvantages:

• a weak engine;

• the quality of the trim;

• the work of a mechanical transmission.

There are a lot of flaws that she is going to disappear in the very near future.