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The record, which will remain in memory.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts crave speed and new victories such as these guys And well-known American motorcycle racer B. Warner wanted to reach the maximum speed and break all records. But this did not happen, he crashed as a result of the record check, which is performed at a speed exceeding 400 kilometers per hour.

That year went down in history, as it was marred by a considerable number of fatal accidents. The sad list of victims has expanded its name and 44-year-old B. Warner, who was originally from Florida. At that time he again made an attempt, which tried to set a land speed record for motorcycles at its modified cyberbike under the name of Suzuki Hayabusa in the event, The Maine Event which is held on the basis of the U.S. air force Loring in Maine. Warner wanted to show everyone what he can geberic and decided to squeeze out the maximum that he can afford...... record up to 480 km per hour, but missed just a little bit. At the speed of 452 km / h the motorcyclist lost control of bike and suffered a terrible wreck. After the accident, Warner was conscious for some time, but to save him, unfortunately, could not - he died after 1 h 15 min in the hospital from severe injuries.

But Warner still died undefeated - he has won the record in 2011 at 500 miles per hour at distances of 2.4 km.