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Studded tires on their own

Of Course, this is difficult to confirm, but can make his own studded tires, while spending a minimum of means. To do this you need winter tires with stud holes, which can be viewed on the website, air gun and, of course, spikes.

so, as already mentioned above, the rubber must be purchased with ready holes under the tires, which facilitates the process of work and allows to not damage the tire during mounting studs.

When choosing spikes, it is worth considering that they are one - and dvuhventsovye, and between them there is a big difference. So, the first designed for the city traffic and the highway at a low speed, i.e., the most relaxed style. But the second type is addressed to those who prefer extreme riding, as evidenced by the structure of the cleat.

When the spike tires you should consider another rule – the spike must be located in the hole exactly. Any imbalance or lifting the invalid, and the outer part should protrude to have a height of not more than 1.3 mm.

If you decide on this process, before you begin, you should learn how to make a rubber spike.

To begin good to fix the tyre so that during the spike, she couldn't move. Then clean the stud holes with a detergent solution that will facilitate the passage of the tongue into the slot. After using a special mechanical gun studs are installed in the slot. Remember that the gun should run straight, not at an angle, to avoid unnecessary problems and inspect each landing of a thorn in the avoidance of marriage. If necessary remove it and reinstall. If the thorn was deep enough installed, then take a hammer and carefully drive it to the desired depth.

when all the spikes, give the rubber a few days for their final fixing in rubber and you can start the installation on the car.

And most importantly – for the first few miles the tires should be used sparingly, i.e., to avoid high speeds, sharp braking and turns. It will be something like kick the tires, but after that they can be used in the usual way, as they will be completely ready for daily use.