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The advantages and disadvantages of low-profile rubber

Tires have many classifications and differ in a parameter list. One of them is the tyre profile, whose varieties are marked by labels standard (standard), performance (low profile) and high performance (sports). The latter is 195/60 R15 rubber, which is suitable for high-speed vehicles and highways with good quality coatings.

Speaking of low profile tires, it should be noted that they are primarily intended for high performance vehicles and has arisen thanks to the advent of powerful engines, which allowed to accelerate to high speeds. For machines of such power needed new brakes are more efficient and reliable than older models, capable of quickly to stop the speeding to the max car. In addition, the movement at that speed is dangerous in itself and requires a better grip with the road than was possible on the standard tires. The problem with the brakes was solved by reducing the profile is allowed to increase the size of the wheel rim and, respectively, of the brake disc, without losing the necessary volume of air inside the tire. With regard to improving the quality of the clutch, it resulted in another feature of low profile tyres – they are wider than their standard counterparts, resulting in increased contact patch with the road.

As already mentioned, low-profile tires designed for high-speed machines. It features a high-speed index – there are models of type H (210 km/h) and V (240 km/h). The tread goes towards the sports, that also improves handling characteristics, while the framework itself is quite soft – it allows for much more confident to take sharp turns without reducing speed. Machine on low profile tires less sway, better heads, greatly reduces the risk of skidding, the machine as a whole becomes much more manageable; in addition, low-profile tires because of their design improves braking performance of the car.

of Course, there are drawbacks. As always, when the care in the direction of high speed and technical advantages, has suffered the service – car on low profile tires stiffer reacts to road irregularities, the slim profile does not absorbs shocks and noise, produces much more; if your car has no power, led will become more difficult – the steering wheel will have to exert some effort, it will become significantly heavier. Furthermore, in addition to the comfort of the driver and passengers will suffer suspension and running gear, it will have all the impact of road irregularities that do not work off the tire because of the design.

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