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Bob Marley | G Pen vaporizer

INDICA — Goods discount 05.10.2015 at 11:30

INDICA — Goods discount

Bob Marley Vaporizer | G Pen has an exclusive design Rasta colors and gift box with Bob Marley.

G Pen has the shape of a pen, thanks to this it is convenient to take everywhere with you. The 650mAh battery enables you to use the vaporizer for the purpose about two hours. Tank for dry herbs completely disassembled for easy cleaning, glass Vokrug tank allows you to see in what position your filler. All the parts of vaporizer G Pen sold separately, if you went bankrupt atomizer or the battery is past its Prime, they can be easily replaced by buying new pieces we have in store.

the Housing vaporizer Bob Marley G-Pen is made of stainless steel, the tank G Herbal Tank for dry aroma of herbs is made from medical heat-resistant glass and ceramics.

Vaporizer Bob Marley has a three-color coloring .

the Vaporizer is packaged in a bright gift box with a Rasta print a picture of Bob.

in Addition to the JI Peng, in the box you will find: metallic card grinder Card G, a brush-brush, 2 jars of the stuff, set G Tips three tips for cleaning, USB charging wire, USB adapter for 220V.

PVS microG and G Pen uses conductive heating method with direct contact with the thermocouple, learn more >


1pc. - Bob Marley | G Pen Battery ™ Battery 650mAh

1pc. - Bob Marley | G Pen Herbal Tank™ - Atomizer for dry aroma of herbs and wax

1pc. - G Pen USB charger ™ Charger from USB

1pc. - USB adapter for charging from the mains 220V

3pc. - Clean G Tips ™ Cleaning swabs

1pc. - G Tool ™ - Tool metal wand wand®

1pc. - Brush-brush

1pc. - G Card ™ - the Card grinder from Grenco Science®

2pcs. Glass for camera atomizer G Pen ™

Click here to view the manual

Price: 3 990 rubles Special offer: 2 990 rubles.

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