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Hawa N8 - new from China

The Expansion of Chinese cars on the Russian auto market continues to gain momentum. If until now Chinese auto industry is not claimed on the premium segment, today the situation has changed here. The premium division of the world famous Great Wall company at the Moscow motor show unveiled a new crossover, which has become the flagship Haval.

Hawa N8 - it's not just a sample, that is, the already existing and almost fully production-ready model with an impressive track record. Judge for yourself, Hawa H8 donor for race car Haval Dakar, successfully participated in the world famous competition, and starred in the action adventure the Expendables 3.

the New crossover, as befits a premium model, it looks respectable: scale the front part of the substantial and solid, and its appearance like that of European SUV. It has something in common with the Audi Q7 and the Touareg. But the resemblance is purely external, in fact Hawa N8 - completely original design.

the Body model is designed in aerodynamic contours which allows the SUV to look modern and stylistically powerful, especially in combination with sports kind of decoration. Wheelbase is 2915 mm, and the total length of the SUV's four-wheel Drive mm. 4806 Hawa H8 shows a ground clearance of 210 mm, which is very good for an SUV, rear-wheel drive versions of the ground clearance a little less -197 mm.

a Distinctive feature of the optics of the crossover is its compactness, especially in combination with a massive front grille and the imposing bumper, wider reinforced with a metal strip. Elegant look, the led daytime running lights, shaded round foglights traditional look.

If you look at the new SUV from the side, the line will appear solid and concise: huge doors, large wheels, wheel arches impressive. Rear premium Hawa N8 has a very traditional design with a large trunk door and small window, and the exhaust system, made in a standard trapezoidal shape.

the Seats in the cabin are arranged in two rows, and the cabin is quite roomy and comfortable, and designed for 5 people. It differs from the traditional products manufactured in China to the unusually high level of ergonomics, allowing the owner of Hawa N8 feel totally comfortable and get the easy and hassle-free access to the controls.

the Choice of engines for the SUV is not provided for: one version - petrol engine with 4 cylinders and a turbocharger. Its stated capacity of 218 HP, the pull of 324 Nm. While manufacturers have not provided data on the dynamic characteristics of the H8 Hawa.

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