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Engine: how to get in the winter?

Often motorists after a cold night unable to run early engine. What to do? Go to work on public transport? Do not rush, first turn your attention to a couple of important points.

so, before you start the engine, turn on fifteen seconds main beam (you can include far, but then wait about thirty seconds). Due to this the battery is subjected to load, the electrolyte will be warmed, the amount of current, which is provided by the battery will increase. That will give you the opportunity a little more to use their battery rather than buy a new on

Now, unplug all electrical appliances. The ignition must be involved. Wait - the fuel pump needs to create the desired rail pressure. Now turn off the ignition, then turn it on again. Next depress the clutch, the starter requires to turn.

Have to wait until the starter will perform three to four times. Due to this, the crankcase oil a little faster. Further, the rotation starter must be disabled. Wait for about thirty seconds. Again six seconds to engage the starter. Engine running on two cylinders or "troit"? Then, its rotation by the starter help a little longer.

When you start the engine, while the clutch should be let off. Let the engine starts to work steadily with the transmission, which is disabled. In this case, you must include a lever transmission, all speed, in order to disperse the thick oil of a frozen box.

After three minutes of warming up a car engine can start to release the clutch - act smoothly! Momentum starts to fall, as in a box of chilled thickened oil pretty much load the engine. Do not let the engine to stall - to do this in the fall of revolutions of the squeeze grip.

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