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The installation of the turbine or compressor for car tuning

Any motorist knows that a small engine can not give more power. Due to limited space capacity increase is simply impossible. And many have long been tormented by the question: is it possible to do something with malokubaturnye engine to become more powerful. Some inventors began to establish, for this purpose additional devices.

car Tuning in General is becoming more popular. Some try to transform it externally that the vehicle owner is not less important than fashion clothing Dolce Vita for women, other modify technical specifications. Thanks to the installation of the compressor into the combustion chamber of the engine with a small amount of blown more air, which increases the amount of oxygen in the fuel mixture, therefore the engine power increases. Almost at the same time began to use to this end the turbine.

so, the purpose of using the compressor and one turbine. But then what is the difference?

Several looking ahead, I should say that both updates have proven themselves positively. They like fashionable dresses and skirts from the new collection: each good in their own way. But more common has been awarded the turbine, because it has a higher efficiency, which contributes to fuel economy. Although the turbine is often installed on modern cars, especially diesel where it is more efficient.

But what are the main differences?

the Main difference between these devices is the presence of different sources of drive. The compressor is supplied from the motor shaft and is a separate, independent mechanical unit. The turbine starts to work under the influence of the exhaust energy, she nablyudaetsya rigid adherence to the engine.

The turbine fuel mixture is effectively enriched with oxygen, but it does have one disadvantage: it is complex and expensive stationary device requiring tight binding to the engine.

the Performance of the compressor is much simpler, its maintenance requires minimal effort, because it is an independent unit.

a Very tempting option is the turbo, but due to its technological characteristics of this device is very expensive, because it needs to install additional mechanisms. Customize it can only be a specialist of high level.

the Convenience of the compressor is possible a self-configuring through the fuel nozzle. Besides, its installation will cost three times cheaper. While the growth in capacity will be twenty to thirty percent of the initial capacity.

Another difference is the rpm range of the engine. This is a winning component in the compressor, because it operates well even at low revs.

the Car the compressor starts effective acceleration right off. So is the choice of those who like speed.

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