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Review of medications: influenza, the common cold or SARS

Video 12.10.2015 at 05:33


Immunomodulators, interferon inducers, homeopathic remedies and other popular peplomycin


"Vitamin C for the prevention and treatment of SARS", 2007:

the conclusions of the AUTHORS of the META-ANALYSIS

"the Addition of vitamin C in foods does not reduce the incidence of SARS in the General population, which does not allow to recommend it for routine prevention. Vitamin C can be beneficial for those susceptible to short-term heavy physical stress. Although a number of studies have shown that prophylactic administration of vitamin C is slightly reduced and simplified for the common cold (SARS), the purpose of the vitamin at the first sign of symptoms was ineffective. It is recommended to conduct additional clinical randomized placebo-controlled trials."


13 of the most popular drugs for influenza: are they working? -

Among the most popular drugs sold in pharmacies without a prescription, you can find not only useless but also potentially harmful

the Controversy: Vasily Vlasov (Society of evidence-based medicine) vs the manufacturer of Arbidol -


All that is important to know about the flu and colds -

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