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Gasoline or diesel

Many potential car buyers are seriously the matter of choice. Particularly relevant question of choosing a car with a petrol or diesel engine. It should be noted that petrol and diesel engines have their advantages and disadvantages.

In our country, the diesel engines are less popular than petrol, although in Europe a car with a diesel motor in great demand, than with petrol. So, what is the secret diesel? Probably the most distinct advantage is the price of refills and economy. The price of diesel fuel cheaper than gasoline, and the efficiency and the consumption less.

Why so?

the fact that the efficiency of diesel than gasoline. The secret lies in the combustion process. In a diesel engine no throttle. At low rpm the pressure in the cylinders does not drop, as in gasoline. I.e. in diesel engines is a more effective combustion of fuel thanks to the fuel pumps of automobile. But diesel engines are very exacting to quality of fuel, herein lies one of the drawbacks. In case of contact with water in the diesel fuel, the engine may be damaged. At low ambient temperature gasoline freezes, turns to mush, which makes it impossible to start the engine. It was therefore developed winter diesel fuel which has a lower freezing temperature.

the Diesel motor is more expensive to maintain, respectively, repair and maintenance of vehicle with diesel engine will cost the owner about 15-20% more expensive than petrol. The diesel engine is louder than the petrol and has more vibration, although in modern cars engines run almost silently and with minimal vibration.