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Why our minds cannot be unloaded to external media?

Video 17.10.2015 at 15:45


Lecture by corresponding member of the RAS Konstantin V. Anokhin "Neuroscience behind artificial intelligence: why our minds cannot be unloaded to external media?"

Konstantin Anokhin, Professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of the neuroscience Department at the NRC "Kurchatov Institute", head. laboratory of neurobiology of memory, research Institute of normal physiology. P. K. Anokhin.

By mid-century, and perhaps earlier, it will be possible to scan all cells and connections of the brain of a deceased person, upload this information into the model on a supercomputer. People, or rather, his personality will become immortal. So I think some futurists and science fiction writers. The lecture will examine the scientific ideas behind such scenarios and the obstacles to their implementation in today's neuroscience. But if these obstacles are overcome, it will push the mankind from the painful issues and dangers with which it had never had a case. This, too, I think modern scientists.

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