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When to bet and how to choose winter tires?

With the advent of mid-autumn and the impending winter, motorists should be careful, because it's just time to "pereobut" your car. However, for novice drivers buy winter tires can be a big problem, exactly as is time to change tires. On peculiarities of the selection of winter tires and if you need to install it and will be discussed in this article.

Many auto owners are arguing about how and when still need to change summer tires on winter. Professionals say that replacement tires should be effected during the period when behind a window a few days of stay weather, with temperatures near zero degrees. To resolve the dispute, the government passed a law that requires drivers to use only winter tires in the period from December to February.

Proceed to the choice of our winter tires. Here we have to decide between "spikes" and "Velcro".

Studded rubber has long established itself from the best side. This success is due to good traction: on ice and snow covered surfaces. Not to mention the fact that on dry pavement, the spikes are very inefficient, this is due to a substantial increase in braking distance.

Considering the so-called "Velcro", is to say that it is much inferior to its competitor in the parameters of cross snow-covered and ice-covered roads. The advantages of this type of tire include excellent adaptability to the conditions of the "city of winter". On dry winter pavement, the machine will be more confident to maneuver on the "fit".

when Selecting tires, pay special attention to the manufacturer: it can be a Yokohama, Bridgestone, Dunlop and etc. Because in addition to such essential characteristics as: the tread pattern, depth, height of spikes, plays a huge role and the quality of the rubber on the website you can pick high quality Yokohama rubber to meet your specifications.

On variations of cheap winter tyres at low temperatures, rubber becomes "call", providing minimal traction, with regard to Yokohama tires - it is worth noting a very high wear resistance of this rubber, it is durable.

Summarizing all the above, it is worth noting that the choice between studded tires and a Velcro closure you need to do depending on places of residence and routes that will prevail in the winter operational period. However, the most important thing for motorists in this aspect must be the lack of desire to save, because choosing the cheap winter tires, in addition to preserving the thickness of your wallet, You run the risk of their own safety.

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