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Scientists have created the smallest heat engine consisting of a single atom

Science news - Microform™ news holography 24.10.2015 at 12:20

Science news - Microform™ news holography

Heat engines are one of the most common types of engines at present. These engines rotate the turbine generators of thermal power plants, internal combustion engines are forced to move our auto mobiles, turbojet engines allow the aircraft to fly in the sky, and rocket engines lift a spacecraft into space. In most heat engines, with rare exceptions, have large dimensions and weight, which may reach hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of pounds. And during each operating cycle of such engines it is heated, then cooled trillions of trillions of molecules of the working medium, thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy of motion. And recently, physicists in Germany have created what can be called the smallest heat engine in the world. Because it used only one tiny particle is calcium ion.