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Happy steerability

Video 29.10.2015 at 04:36


Moderator: Alexis Semikhatov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Lebedev physical Institute.

One of the most subjective concepts in our world to old. What can we mean by the term, if during the centuries its meaning has been adapted? Recall, for example, the string "sun" of Russian poetry of Alexander Pushkin's immortal novel "the Snowstorm": "She was young, she was in her twentieth year." Indeed, a few centuries ago human life span was considerably less. But today this statement can only evoke a smile. Because in our time, life expectancy increased markedly, and the age, describes the great writer, is considered the heyday of youth. Modern scientists are conducting active debate about at what age you start the aging process. One point of view – from the moment of fertilization. The other since the cessation of body growth. Third – at the end of the reproductive period. But be that as it may, all agree that aging is a natural coming of the final age period. However, this is an inevitable process in the closest relationship with external factors and the health of a particular person. What really linked the phenomenon of longevity and whether humanity can hope for a long life in the future? This will tell our guests: doctor of biology Vyacheslav Dubynin A. and doctor of Philology Dmitry Borisovich rings.

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