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Great and defenseless brain

Video 29.10.2015 at 04:38


Moderator: Alexis Semikhatov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Lebedev physical Institute.

the Human brain is capable of unique things. But sometimes they are so amazing that even science is unable to explain them. After operations connected with the brain, the patients opened a new abilities. And someone these abilities life has improved, but for others it became real torture.

the brain is the center of our nervous system, which, in essence, controls the activity of the whole organism. But scientists never studied, much still remains a mystery.

How to interact with the brain and spinal cord? Where scientists found the third brain? Why the modern lifestyle is hurting our memory and brain work overall? To discuss these questions guests:

1) Ara S. Bazyan - doctor of biological Sciences. Head of the laboratory of neurochemical mechanisms of learning and memory at the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology RAS.

2) Vladimir V. Raevsky - doctor of biological Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of Higher nervous activity and neurophysiology RAS.

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