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About firing in our destiny

Video 04.11.2015 at 10:49


The People most likely wanted to fight always. Even the wall drawings in primitive caves can be seen. And Chronicles, ancient books!!! Sometimes it seems that almost the entire history of mankind - a continuous battle, battles, battles. Let's say, exaggerate the chronicler and teller. But hardly so much. We shall refer again to the simple text Bulat Savovich: "Our fate is the feast, the fire..."

But how is a man to calm down? Him the adrenaline needed explicitly - that there are more and more "horror stories". Today, especially popular robots.

it is against this background manifests itself in a favorite pastime of humanity – war? It is clear how, everywhere designate themselves fighting robots. Already the doctrines they hold and in combat they take part in. Their exhibitions enjoy great popularity.

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