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How to speak about winter tyres Continental Viking Contact 5 and Michelin X-Ice 2 experts?

It is Not always needed in winter studded car tires – sometimes a warm winter with little snow seems to appeal to the driver on the absolutely stupid adventure to stop to change the kits and leave it for next winter favorite with summer tires. Risk event may result in the loss of stability of the wheels, control wheel, and sudden drifts, and there to the accident near... to avoid All this is possible only in special seasonal tires, which are willing to tell journalists.

Testing of friction products, the drivers from the publication "Behind the wheel" often come to the conclusion that a truly high-quality studless tires can replace those that succumb to the studding. After all, free bolt protector is able to work well alone blocks and grooves, not to mention molecular and physical action of the rubber mixture directly.

What models advise journalists? First of all, it is not necessary to abandon the "classic" car, has already earned many positive reviews from consumers and reviews from professional drivers. The tire appeared on the market a few years ago, such as, for example, ContiViking Contact 5 Continental and Michelin X-Ice 2.

the Leading place in the ranking of the friction products ContiViking Contact 5 make it "snow", like acceleration, maneuvering and braking. The ice – coating for ContiViking no problem, slip does not occur and the steering response are not forced to wait.

When acceleration from standstill there is a slight hesitation, however, the set speed is fast enough. Management is flexible, and braking is crisp and precise, does not conflict with other properties.

the Handling and behavior at the level, however, despite the small risk of getting bogged down in the snow, has Continental Contact 5 ContiViking some nedoponimanie such sites.

In General, the model is one of the few winter friction tire whose characteristics are on a lonely high level, irrespective of the surface on which the need to go. To buy tires in this series is the most sensitive to the quality of motorists, because it (i.e. quality) is purely German.

the reports from the tests Michelin X-Ice 2 is also adequately reveal the range of her possibilities. The tire effective brake on ice, and only the transverse rod spoiled the rating. Another thing – the snow, where cornering grip is excellent, but a little lacking in the braking and accelerating characteristics.

the Snowy path X-Ice 2 go smoothly even with a slip, without any reactions to the changing depth of snow. Speed on bends is required to balance, it is desirable to keep slightly lower than usual. The typical reaction of the machine to discharge gas – a small drift.

For deep snow available Michelin X-Ice 2 is an effective cleaning system, apparently, through which the drifts are passed without problems.

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