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The essence of the meaning and prospects of target

Video 20.11.2015 at 18:04


Moderator: Alexis Semikhatov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Lebedev physical Institute.

each of us has a purpose. The goal to which we aspire, ultimately, for someone is the meaning of life. And all anything, Yes only definition of this word has become so much that it is unclear what it actually is. So what's the problem man?

But the ability of mankind is limitless. And if you point them in the right direction, the human impact is able to completely transform the biosphere, forming a sphere of reason – the noosphere, the study of which did Vladimir Vladimirovich Vernadsky.

How to interpret the ideas of the scientist? Which can lead to the formation of the noosphere? And what in General it is characterized by? To discuss these questions our guests are:


1) Anatoly A. Gorelov is a specialist in philosophical problems of ecology and social philosophy; doctor of philosophy Institute of philosophy RAS.

2)Georgiy Borisovich Naumov - doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, adviser to Director of State geological Museum n. a. V. I. Vernadsky Russian Academy of Sciences.

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