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Moderator: Alexis Semikhatov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences,leading researcher of the Lebedev physical Institute.

the Time – on the nature of the people thought in all times. And could never find the exact answer. Studied natural Sciences, philosophy, physics and other Sciences. In the end, only managed to highlight some of its properties and characteristics. But to give a comprehensive description of a connecting link of the Universe is unlikely under the force of the human mind.

If you give the most basic philosophical definition, the time - it's an irreversible course into the future. It is within it occur all of the events and processes that are included in the existing Genesis. However, even such an elementary description is too vague.

will Try not to pay much attention too extravagant builds, type time, the current reversed. Or about him, but frozen..

But relativistic time effect, twins, the possibility of overcoming the light speed, and expected in connection with these effects we will talk about.

the Sides:

Vladimir E. Zharov – doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences. Head of the Department of celestial mechanics, astrometry and gravimetry, faculty of physics; Head of the laboratory of gravimetry Sternberg astronomical Institute.

Dmitry Gorbunov - doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, senior researcher of the Department of theoretical physics of Institute for nuclear research RAS. An expert in the field of elementary particle physics and fundamental problems of evolution of the Universe.

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