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Exercise therapy for fractures of the clavicle

Sports complex - the vanguard 16.12.2015 at 11:40

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Fractures of the clavicle most frequently localized between the middle and outer thirds of it, because at this point the curvature of the clavicle is the most pronounced, and the thickness is the smallest. Immobilization is carried out by special buses, various dressings (gauze type Deso, gypsum) with a pad under the mouse, on average, 3-4 weeks. Prescribed physical therapy 2-3 days after the injury.

the immobilization period In the aim to normalize the blood and lymph circulation, prevention of muscle wasting of the shoulder girdle and shoulder stiffness, create favorable conditions for strengthening regenerative processes at the expense of respiratory and General developmental and special exercises from the damaged limb. The various movements of the fingers, flexion and extension of the elbow and wrist joints, pronation and varus of the forearm, isometric tension of muscles of the hand, forearm and shoulder, ideomotor exercises in the shoulder and elbow joints should be implemented simultaneously with the healthy hand. Shows a small branch to the shoulder joint in tilted position in the direction of the damaged clavicle. First, perform this exercise with and bent in the elbow hand. Further drainage of the hand is increased, but it should not exceed 90 °. At 3 weeks after injury in the complex of therapeutic exercises include isometric muscle tension of the shoulder girdle. Exposure of muscle tension in the first days should be equal to from 2-4, at the end of the period - 7-10 p. you Should alternate muscle tension with relaxation.

After the cessation of immobilization of the tasks of therapeutic exercises - strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper limbs, restore mobility in the shoulder joint. It is advisable for 2-3 days after removal of immobilization to put the arm on the injured side on a wide scarf. On the background of General developmental exercises use special: flexion, extension, abduction and adduction in the shoulder joint with gymnastic sticks, the centrifugal movement back relaxed arm and rotational movement of the entire limb. All special exercises should be performed at a slow pace, repeating each exercise 10-15 times, keeping the arm on the side of damage (with the help of a practitioner, healthy hand).

during the recovery period to restore full range of motion in the shoulder joint and muscle strength used resistance exercise, weights (dumbbells, clubs, at the gym), gym wall in the pool.