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Therapeutic physical culture in case of damage of the joints

Sports complex - the vanguard 23.12.2015 at 07:44

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Damage of the joints are divided into individual beats, inside articular fractures and dislocations. Fractures and sprains in the joints of developing serious functional impairment, sharply limiting opportunities household of the victim, lead to a significant malfunction, and sometimes disability.

the Difficulty of treating intra-articular damage is that, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the damaged joint to rest for fixation of bone fragments, strengthening the tendon-ligamentous apparatus of the joint and healing of injured soft tissues, and due to prolonged immobilization delayed recovery of function of the joint, often leads to the development of irreversible changes in bone and cartilage and soft tissue (formation of contractures or ankylosis). The time to start active and passive movements in a damaged joint is determined in each case individually, but in principle they should be appointed as early as possible. Early implementation of the precautionary motion in the joint is good for the articular surfaces, joint capsule, ligaments and muscles, the functional state which the restoration of function of joint.