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Social services ANO the population of Moscow and Moscow region 20.12.2015 at 08:12

Shaposhnikova Tatiana Dmitrievna - candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor of psychology and pedagogics of Institute of retraining and advanced training of managerial staff and specialists of the Department of social protection of the population of the city of Moscow (Moscow Government).

At the plenary meeting of the all-Russian conference "Participation of subjects of the Russian Federation in the implementation of the National strategy of actions in interests of children for 2012-2017: results and perspectives" held on 22 October 2015, the regions of the Russian Federation informed members of the coordinating Council on the implementation of the National strategy in accordance with the plan of the Government of the Russian Federation, summarizing the available evidence, the pros and cons.

Tomorrow, November 17, in the Kremlin's Catherine hall will host the next meeting of the COP under the President to implement the strategy. The conference will be translated the best experience of regions and practitioners, which will be distributed to all regions of the Russian Federation for further use. As a positive example, will be presented the implementation plan of the National strategy, in the city of Sevastopol, which according to experts was the most successful of all submitted.

Will be translated and summarised the role of the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations, able flexibly to test innovative social practices, using the potential and resources of the region. For example, on 18 September this year, the COP together with the education Ministry and the Moscow city psychological-pedagogical University has implemented a special seminar, using Internet facilities, the participation of NGOs in the implementation of the National strategy. In this event were able to take part about 1 thousand persons.

in addition, almost wide information on the implementation of this strategy can be seen on a specially created Internet portal, which supports the Moscow city psychological and pedagogical University, which gives constant, very fresh, as they say, information based on verified facts and food for thought. Mppu monitors placed regional bodies of Executive power in this portal information on this activity.

the Novelty of this conference is to determine the importance of one of the mechanisms for the implementation of the National strategy - its scientific component.

During the conference, 17 November 2015, it is planned to discuss the difficult topic: "Goals and objectives of the development of children's budget and social infrastructure of childhood as the most important tools of realization of national strategy". It is clear that the words "children's budget" are in quotes. In some regions, the line "children's budget" really don't just appear in the budget, but is already in action and is a promising direction.

In this regard, the conference participants will hear presentations Olga Golodets and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and Governor, for example, the Belgorod region Savchenko, a lot of other interesting people who have enabled this line "children's budget" to finally live for real.

Key, the more significant the issues of today and some proposals for the discussion, of course, will be translated and taken into account in the preparation of the next coordinating Board meeting. Therefore, in addition to decisions to be taken at the Coordination Council under the President, there is still so gorgeous and very powerful - this is a list of instructions of the President, who may come after. And, of course, are important issues without the orders of the President can just get stuck, not move.