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Psychiatrist retired 14.09.2015 at 09:25

Psychiatrist retired -

Congratulations! A novel with a sequel already on sale. A very concise message about the novels "the Superintendent" has already appeared, but until more information about the "order of the yellow flag" (part 1). Today I go into a bookstore. They say there are chances to buy.

it's Nice that "Lieutenant kije" by Yuri Tynyanov will gain a new life. Likely to be in fact life is so new that Chapayev from the novel "Chapaev and emptiness" will find in the personal collection of images and the fate of the collector's neighbor even in the opinion of a picky reader. And "poor Paul" is not forgotten, as they say.

Actually, read, discuss. I would like to rejoice the discovery. No ads. No publicity beyond people people say. And hateful wave of promotion on the usual circuits no. Worth a smile and wink, as the yield on the book market taken lukavenko. In fact, what it would cost the efforts of seducers, if the act of seduction would cause on edge or mockery?

live-bait Fishing suggests that the targets are hungry and the bait is good. Both conditions in stock. So we don't just provide good novels, and seducing? Of course. You can argue that we are already caught.

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