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Leo Desires

Society "Baradaran-name" 15.10.2015 at 14:24

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In the noble city of Isfahan, on the plain of the zayandeh river, the bridge at Shah Hajj is a lion. Fearsome was the lion in life! Sharp and long were his teeth, strong claws, and even a kick of the tail he could knock down. No one knew where he came from, this lion, who sent it to the great detriment of citizens? And did not life on the river. The bridge was empty. People are afraid to approach the river for water — the crops dried up, cattle perished as lightning rushed towards the man and the lion swallowed. People began to leave the city.

One day, the bridge was approached by a stranger. Where he walked and where I went we'll never know. In the dust and blistered were his feet, blackened from the sun his skin, the rags became his dress. He sat down on the Bank of the river, wanting a drink of water. But not as tormented his thirst at the end of the long journey, he wished to offer prayer to the Almighty. And lion then opened its mouth, saliva dripping, fire burning yellow eyes. And it was the last word of this unfortunate — the name of God. And at the same moment petrified, and Leo, and almost swallowed a stranger...

Noticed people, not just the stone beast from that distant time looks at the bridge. The mysterious and miraculous power was given to that lion by the will of God. Who will tame or caress it and whisper with a treasured secret and the word is fulfilled in his desire. And the word is immediately forgotten: not to pass it, not to write. Therefore, Isfahan is called the lion the Lion Desires...

This legend I heard in 2012, first visited Iran and its cultural capital, Isfahan. Then I fell in love with this country and its people. And legends I had heard a lot. Remember, my wife and clear autumn day passed over the bridge to the Hajj to the Lion Desires. I sat on the Lion, and the wife hugged him. And we whispered something to each his own. My desire was ever again to visit Iran, go back to Noble Isfahan. And so it happened — since then I have often returned to Isfahan. The only pity is that completely forgotten the magic word. And not to remember him, not to ask and books to read. Maybe it's better?

last year the group of Friends of Iran from Latvia stayed in Isfahan. I told them this legend. Among us was a young woman — an ordinary employee of the famous newspaper. She was the only — village on the Lion, hugged him, and whispered something to him in the stone of the ear beneath the smiles of comrades. We returned home to Riga, and soon we became aware that the shareholders are the most popular Newspapers of Latvia has appointed its chief editor. Believe it — or not...

2015. Members of the Latvian Society of Friends of Iran "Baradaran-name" again in the Noble Isfahan. Now we have more. Once again, we Sande on the Bank, near the bridge of Hajj. Still stands the lion of Desires. Except that his back is stronger than shabby and it's clear from what. To convince me no one had. Even 78-year member of our society. But as it were — you can see in the photos.

to Everyone who believes in the miraculous power of the Lion with the coast plain of the zayandeh river, we give the song NIMA masih

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