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Society "Baradaran-name" 19.10.2015 at 16:07

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Latvian Society of Friends of Iran "Baradaran-name" has its own library which contains books, periodicals, music and movies. Today the library Fund reaches five hundred units. Nadrah came to the library new books. It is a gift from Cultural mission of the Embassy of IRI in Russia.

on 5 October in Moscow was the head of "Baradaran-name", V. N. Galochkin. He was received by Advisor for culture and head of mission, Dr. Reza Maleki. Vladimir Nikolaevich told my friend about the Company in 2015 on the trip of a group of society members in Iran in September and the plans for the new year. Dr. Maleki gave important practical advice and at the end of the 2-hour talk gave the Society new books published in Moscow publishing house "Sadr" with the support of the research Fund of Islamic culture and under the auspices of the Cultural representative of Iran in Russia.

Our story about these books.

the novel Habib Ahmad-zadeh "Chess with the Machine of judgment" dedicated to the terrible and heroic events of the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. The book tells the story of several days in the life of a young rebel, who along with a handful of comrades holds the Fort in pregame surrounded the city. The proportion of young people falls a difficult task: to find and destroy fielded to the Iraqi army the latest equipment, is able to reverse the course of hostilities...

the Autobiographical novel Kusanga moradi Kermani "You not a stranger" tells the story of the childhood years of the author. Snatched from the past episodes are woven into a living, dynamic canvas on which bright colors, sweeping strokes drawn picture of the daily life of not one person but a whole people. Family, friends, fellow villagers, childish pranks, not children's problems, big and small joys and sorrows — the whole kaleidoscope of events that compose the human path from the first to the last breath...

Life is — unpredictable — says Seyed Mehdi Shojai in the novel "sounds like another storm." Successful entrepreneur and respected philanthropist Hajj Amin and had no idea that he has undertaken in his native town a company buying up old houses, which he planned to build a new school, will result in an unexpected and shocking encounter with his own past, will shed light on the fate of his son who disappeared many years ago, and will force to radically revise many of their beliefs and attitudes towards people...

the protagonist of the novel Ahmad Dehqan "Journey to a height of 270" — young man returning from the front only to pass the final exams at school and again to serve on the front line together with his best friend. The young man has to go through severe trials, but he always remembers that, despite the most difficult circumstances, hope and resilience of a person fighting for what is right, unwavering...

In the storybook of Khosrow Shahani "everything and nothing" vividly and wittily described the Shah of Iran. The author has the best examples of the Iranian satirical works. His language, manner of presentation, style, unexpected plots give the stories a unique charm...

These wonderful books, unfortunately, published only in editions of 1000 copies. And buy them while you can published by "Sadra" at the address: Moscow, Cow Val str., 7/1. Phone +7 (495) 943 40 39.

Society "Baradaran-name"

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