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Society "Baradaran-name" 18.12.2015 at 20:55

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In Yazd Fabulous first Wake up its old — timers-they are dove grey. In the sky is still fading out the last star, just leet the East, and they are already leaving their nests. And when the rays of the sun, illuminating the minarets and dome, falls below, these timid and cute birdies will meet him with your good cooing: Morning has come! Get up! God gives us a new peaceful day!

...Empty streets. Closed shops and stalls. Silently are cars and motorcycles. Clean and fresh air. Rarely seen in a hurry passer-by: his footsteps in the morning silence is heard far away. And for high Adobe fences-the walls here and there screaming chickens. But the city is already awake. Children going to school — you can hear their clear voices. Caring hostess already prepared Breakfast for heads of families — something so delicious and aromatic smells...

let's take a walk through the narrow streets of the city, which twenty-five centuries. Frequently hosting the interlocutor of God himself — Iskander the two-Horned, where the inhabitants believe in the deity of earth, water, air and fire. Where residents, of all places, appreciate the ordinary clean water. Where are the most romantic in Iran of. You've never been to, but definitely should visit. For the simple reason that living here is brotherly to us the people — the Iranians.

In the old Yazd you can walk on the roofs. On the roofs of houses and over the roofs of crooked and narrow streets. And over the crossroads here — dome. It offers quite a stunner — blue mountains on the horizon and is surrounded by the peaks of the minarets, blue or yellow domes of mosques, mausoleums and bazaars. And when the sunrise over the city from the minarets rush calls for believers to praise the Creator — the head itself is bowing before the greatness of the Almighty...

every Iranian family has mechanical vehicle — car or motorcycle. They are produced at domestic plants. Interested in motorcycles, drew attention to their models. More than two dozen from the world — famous "Honda", before pleasing to the ear of every Russian "Volga". And here in Yazd, I met two very rare for Iran's vehicles. First, is the bike. Them in Iran for some reason is very small. Secondly, it is even more curious transport, but more on that later...

A new day comes into its own. Busses went. Opened its first store. Buyers don't have, but his master is not to get discouraged — have a good day — like the whole present life of ancient Iran...

let's Listen to the song "My friend" performed by majida akhshabi the

(to be Continued)

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