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Society "Baradaran-name" 21.12.2015 at 06:00

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In the night of 21 to 22 December, the longest night of the year, in Iran celebrate an ancient holiday on the planet. The Iranians called it Shab-e Yalda, or Yalda Night. The inhabitants of modern Iran, as hundreds of generations of our ancestors, believe that this night can sometimes be a great event of the year — good and light overcome darkness and evil.

on this winter night every Iranian family gathers in the house of the oldest member of the family. There will be festive table, which will definitely be watermelon and pomegranates, pistachios and almonds, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds ordinary. And a lot of sweets!

According to ancient belief — all this will give us the strength to stand up to the insidious cold of winter, will add health.

But especially important here is the watermelon!

In Iran especially for the holiday Shab-e Yalda are grown and store late varieties of watermelons. On the eve of the watermelons you can buy in any store — from the extreme South to the Northern regions. And everywhere, in every family, the watermelon will be on the holiday table. We believe that whoever eats this evening at least a slice of watermelon — the spring will be protected from cold and diseases.

Important and the pomegranate — symbol of fertility and joy. Many pomegranate seeds in one fruit is the yield. Their red color is energy, healthy blood, which will protect from diseases. Diseases run from a grenade, and health is going to grenade!

on the night of Yalda we are made to wonder. Most commonly poems of Hafiz. Opening at random a collection of poems, reading his lines. The poems of Hafiz are so poetic and so deep in meaning that any of its Gazell may prove to be prophetic. It happens that on this night at the holiday table read the lines of the immortal Ferdowsi, the "Shahnameh". The heroic spirit of our ancestors still lives in Iran every family, in every home.

But in the North of Iran guessing even the watermelon peels. Four small pieces of peel you throw behind your back. Depending on — what colour will go up to peel — the querent is waiting for a more or less joyful future. Argue that the best result if all the pieces will form part of the green up.

Wonderful tradition on the night of Yalda — the entire family, is as though great it was, to gather in our father's house, to talk with the elderly, to Express their respect and love living with us for centuries. Even eminent historians find it difficult to answer — when she arose. And stories of parents and grandparents on this night is extremely popular with young people.

Although the holiday Shab-e Yalda has been preserved in Iran since pagan times, he is very in tune with Islamic tradition and teaching. The important thing here is communication with family and friends. The prophet (Allah bless him and his family!) said, "Allah commands to communicate with relatives, because visiting relatives not only prolongs life but also useful in the afterlife."

Life changing. Old replaced by new. But the holiday Shab-e Yalda was, is and will be. While there is Iran. Long live our people. So it should be good traditions should live on forever. As written the great Saadi said: "This morning will not come, until the Yalda night."

I congratulate the members of the society "Baradaran-name", all the friends of my homeland — Beautiful Iran, people of good will in all countries with a good holiday Shab-e Yalda. Let several hours to Your house will include fun and health, abundance and joy.

on the occasion of SHAB-E YALDA!

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