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Society "Baradaran-name" 22.12.2015 at 20:40

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Shab-e Yalda — the beautiful and the wise the holiday. Why and how it is celebrated in Iran — we told our friend Mohsen Haghbin on the occasion of SHAB-E YALDA, DEAR FRIENDS!

today, we are pleased to learn that it celebrated not only the Iranians. People write to us from Russia, and Tajikistan, Armenia and Moldova, Uzbekistan and Georgia — and here the friends of Iran, if possible, marked the holiday of the brotherly people.

We visited the home of our moderator Mary Pirie, living in Riga, and with her kind permission we will tell what we saw. And we saw how the West met the East: decorated Christmas tree was next to the Banquet table and Iranian delicacies. The table was ugrasal a real watermelon, surrounded, as by soldiers, pomegranates and tangerines. There were boxes of Iranian sweets. And pistachios and sultanas, dates and nuts. From the kitchen came the aroma of something delicious. The hostess explained that it is preparing pilaf...

We, as expected, randomly opened the book Gulistan ("Rose garden") is a great work of Persian poet-moralist Sadi. And here is what we read:

"Once on youthful stupidity I began to yell at his own mother. Offended, she sat down in a corner, weeping, said:

— Do you my childhood forgot, if I was rude now?

I have noticed old son,

Seeing that he was even stronger than tigers:

"Whenever you remember, as a child, powerless,

You slept on the breast of my parent,

wouldn't, son, you offend the old woman,

Bowed with the burden of labors and sorrows"."

Shab-e Yalda is a celebration of family. And Maria was waiting for to visit relatives. Eating a watermelon, we willed her home of goodness and light and took a few photos that represent you...

As for Mary Pirie sounds beautiful Iranian song "Magic night" performed by Abdolhosein of Mokhtabad

Mary Pirie

Vladimir Galochkin

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