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Small position, big problems

Society "Baradaran-name" 26.12.2015 at 12:22

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While the population of the occupied pre-holiday chores and events, the state represented by the Bank of Russia under the leadership of Elvira Nabiullina and the Federal service for financial monitoring by Yuri Chikhanchin, (country must know its heroes) was prepared as a new year gift to the people of another unpleasant surprise. This time in the form of the Bank of Russia №499-P long name "Status on identification by credit organizations of clients and customer representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners for the purposes of combating legalization (laundering) of incomes received by criminal way, and terrorism financing". This is done in the spirit of the Central banks. While the population is distracted with other worries, you can get in life is all nasty. So in 1913 created the Federal reserve, and, apparently, the current leadership of the outstanding Russian Central Bank is a good student. When viewed under some other angle, this action is in the spirit of the recommendations of the CIA for the officials of other countries, the economy to collapse and the current political leadership in one way or another to resolve.

New position, with seemingly small changes compared with the previous regulation No. 262-P radically changes a lot. And change kind of all – when each banking transaction in excess of 15 thousand rubles, the client, if he is unknown to the Bank, is obliged to go through a complete identification. Want to change two hundred and fifty American or European money, would you be so kind to fill in the questionnaire on two dozen items. It is used for such an operation was enough to produce a passport, now everyone who does it, is actually considered by the state as criminal. Whether as a person to launder funds obtained by criminal means, or simply as a terrorist. Quite in the spirit of what makes the Americans and their Junior partners from Europe, I suspect the same of all its citizens without any exception.

Formally, the adoption of the new document is nothing more than conformity to the provisions of the Bank of Russia with the applicable legislation, in reality... in reality solves lots of problems.

the government wants to know everything about all financial transactions of every person, and the amount of 15 thousand rubles is already considered large. It is possible, as in the West, to declare war on cash and try to translate all the cards. If that doesn't work, then can be reduced to limit the amount of mandatory identification of the payer and to oblige the market participants about each of them to inform you where it should. Five years, and at the current rate of inflation such a complete identification have to take place in stores, when the cash will buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk and one loaf.

by Introducing a mandatory questionnaire, the authorities aim to create the greatest barriers to the citizens, for example, when conducting foreign exchange transactions. While this is not a direct prohibition on sale / purchase of cash foreign currency, but a noticeable obstacle. When filling out the questionnaire in addition to the standard and already familiar fields like details of the passport there are wonderful points. They should be emphasized separately:

"1.8. Taxpayer identification number (if available).

1.9. Contact information (e.g. phone number, Fax number, email address, mailing address (if available).


1.12. Information about the purpose of establishing and intended nature of business relations with the credit organisation, information on the objectives of financial and economic activity.

1.13. Information about the financial situation.

1.14. Information about business reputation.

1.15. Information about sources of cash and (or) other property of the client."

These items are great because in addition to time that must be spent to complete it, and the risks they carry for clients of credit institutions (because of Bank secrecy in Russia are actually not), and they carry a lot of risks specifically for banks. If a particular item of the questionnaire will suddenly blank, is a possible cause for imposition of penalty on the Bank by the Bank of Russia. And even prescriptions. Because the Bank will not violate anything, and the Federal law on countering the legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism. Only a couple of instructions and you can already revoke the license.

If filled all the items of the questionnaire, and then the Bank was not immune to punishment. The regulator can always ask the question, and how the Bank examined the financial condition or business reputation of a person, whom he saw first and last time in his life, but changed 250 euros. If not satisfied with the answer, after two unsatisfactory responses the Bank again can remain without a license. So it launched a new mechanism for reducing the number of banks or, as they say officials from banking, "clearance" of the banking system. What under the knife are actually running the businesses and jobs of anyone in power don't care. They're all good.

Since commercial banks have no particular desire to lose the license, and unlike banks with state participation, their no one will stand up, the banks will find themselves obliged to take all measures to the maximum extent possible, to protect themselves from the actions of the Bank of Russia, demanding a lot of paperwork in the form of documents confirming the existence of TIN, of tax certificates, Bank statements, income statements, deliver the standards TRP, medical tests and other things, or under one pretext or another to refuse to conduct such operations.

not to carry a mountain of useless securities with a totally uncertain outcome, will allow the Bank to conduct a desired operation or not, citizens are forced to use only those banks in which they have the account, that is, where they have been identified. Because many people have accounts in Sberbank, VTB and its subsidiaries, taken by the controller represents another step in the redistribution of the market of banking services in favor of banks with state participation. There are favorable exchange rate or no, it's not going to matter. As was said in one movie: "Will you, my dear, are not going anywhere." If accounts from individuals a few, something tells me that soon you may receive a new document, limiting the number of banks where the person can have an account, one only. This will differ little from a period of feudalism and serfdom. The difference is only that then the peasants were attached to land, and now every — one to the Bank. The neo-feudalism in his artistic development.

as for banks to collect information, it can be accumulated, processed by the financial monitoring service, and then, according to another internal document adopted, transferred in tax or law enforcement agencies to determine where to go-Lapkina suddenly appeared five thousand. From the tables? Wife put? Well,well! Wouldn't it be kind Tyapkin-Lyapkin to start in order to avoid troubles with them to pay 13% (or what there will be income tax plus the penalties, fines, etc.), and then you can prove in court where he got those funds, and why he needs to return. In the U.S., such police officer robbery, when people just take cash and then they can go for years to prove his innocence, is called civil forfeiture. This experience seems to have been understood by the Russian authorities, and now we have made the first tentative steps in the same direction.

do Not think that the coming into force of the document as harmless as through the media (des)are trying to convince the dear public representatives of the Bank of Russia. Despite its apparent plainness and obscurity, is a fundamental document with far-reaching to practically all Russian citizens consequences.

the Current leadership of the Russian Central Bank is not the first time demonstrates the qualities of outstanding managers. It is as a result of their incompetent actions, the country experienced a currency shock in December 2014 and currently has an official inflation of 15%. Unable to solve the objective problems facing the Russian financial system, it with persistence worthy the best application in the current turbulent times, accepts the documents that will further complicate the lives of the vast majority of ordinary citizens of our country.

the question May arise: would the adoption of such a document to have any positive side? In principle, I could.

If with the introduction of this provision in respect of operations with foreign paper currency for banks would be cleared of all restrictions of operations on purchase and sale of coins made of precious metals and abolished customs duty on import of gold and silver. In this case, such a move could mean that the current government really care about the population of Russia and therefore would have given him a clear message, what is to keep their savings. Unfortunately, this is not visible.

the enactment of such documents in the current turbulent times will only add to this instability. In essence it is no different from similar initiatives of other departments like raising the retirement age or introducing "Plato", boards with heavy vehicles. Fortunately, both in that and in other case, common sense seems to have won a short-lived victory over stupidity and greed, so there is little hope that the resolution No. 499-P of the Bank of Russia would follow. In the end, we can only note that blind copying and transferring on the Russian soil of Western laws is unlikely to give good results. Totally different traditions, customs and psychology. Not accidentally Russian man is not Catholic and not Protestant. He is Orthodox. Maybe in the face to give.

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