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, We walked in the morning, still sleeping ASDU MORNING YAZD

Meanwhile, the sun rose higher. Its rays, lighting up the minarets and domes, has reached the earth...

the First working day in Yazd begin builders. It is understandable — the day is hot, and the morning chill and fun to work with and work goes. Work here a lot. Very much — the size of the old, medieval Yazd more than one square kilometer. To keep this fantastic city, to re-occupy its artisans and trade people, make it the center of tourism is an important task for local authorities and the whole Islamic Republic.

the Old Yazd is located in the area of seismic hazard. Therefore, Glennie structures constantly threaten the lives of citizens. Now, during the restoration of already used metal frames, burnt brick and a mortar based on cement. And if necessary, built on modern technologies of building, plastered with a clay solution with the addition of chopped straw, from old can not tell.

In Iran, where a long and hot summer, valued every tree, every Bush, every flower. Historically, each house had a courtyard with a garden, which must have existed pomegranate trees. Garnet is a very beautiful wood. Beautiful spring blossoms, the leaves all summer long are bright green and "juicy" color. Useful and healing fruit of the pomegranate. Moreover, the pomegranate tree in urban environments can get along fine without watering.

the Work of the restorer is not legal and not imminent. Very many things have to be done manually, without the use of modern construction equipment. Shovel, trowel, wheelbarrow, level and plumb are the main tools of the restorer. Lay out the brick arch to make a brick pattern — a hundred stacked bricks — this is a good day in the wizard. And there's no technique for manufacturing the same mud-straw plaster. It is necessary to knead the legs. As many centuries before us...

We climbed to the top of the building and other works, piles of bricks, heaps of sand and clay. The master appreciated our genuine interest in their work. And although we didn't know Farsi, but they are Russian, the conversation was interesting and useful. And the view over the roofs of the city of Yazd was quite unexpected. As it turned out, the early completion of the work and are waiting for the winged inhabitants of the city — and they are dove rock doves perched.

One of the most beautiful monuments of Yazd — the mausoleum of Twelve Imams, we were able to photograph twice — during the restoration and the year after that, when the dome began to sparkle, like the sky, the pristine blue of and azure. It's beautiful, isn't it?!

...And the sun is already high. Isn't it time for Breakfast? Buy me we wonderful Iranian fruit and hot bread!..


And then we go shopping in the Old part of Yazd, let us hear the song...

Masters — restorers

the Old house is waiting for masters

Grenades in the courtyard


unskilled labour!

the Plaster knead feet

Car roof

Iranian arch

Apprentice wizard

Through the thorns to the roof

On the roof

through the roof



they are dove

Down — easier


What will be the mansion!

the Digger

the restoration of the mausoleum of Twelve Imams

After the restoration. Divine!

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