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Society "Baradaran-name" 30.12.2015 at 18:43

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today We got up very early — before sunrise. Still visible were the bright southern stars, and Fabulous Yazd delighted with its freshness and silence. Our eyes went away overnight and came into its own rights a new peaceful and creative day. MORNING YAZD

We have seen how the masters of restored Yazd picked up your instrument, making his hometown a better and more beautiful. MORNING YAZD

but it's Time for Breakfast. Although only ends in the morning, but already hot and I don't feel like meat. Take on we are on a wonderful Iranian Breakfast of fruit and hot bread!

is Solved. It only remains to choose...

and here is the bakery. A couple loaves of bread will be enough? Little! Take the three!

Bread straight from the oven — radiates heat. How to bear it? Yeah! There are "actively". Let our bread to cool down and carry him in a bag. Now for the fruit.

BA! And who is this? Yes it's a donkey! Live, with long ears. Right! The sidewalk is not only for people but also for environmentally friendly modes of transport such as bicycles and donkeys. Give the donkey the road. The only pity is that it was the one eared man's best friend, whom we had met in Iran...

Now the fruit. To buy bread? Here the apples are red and sweet. And smell like peaches! Or fragrant pears! Maybe get a melon that smells like honey? Or a big watermelon, red-red, that kept the chill of the passing night? And here is an early plum!..

the grapes! Big, juicy and sweet! You had Breakfast Iranian grapes with warm bread? In which there is no all-different chemicals — pesticides and herbicides, nitrate and phosphate, the poison from callousness and toxic flavor enhancer? No? So you were on mount Olympus, where the gods feed on ambrosia from fields, orchards, vineyards and bakeries of Iran...

We are at the hotel. The sun in the Zenith: +35. To walk hot. Get back kind of Iranian tea, listen to beautiful Iranian music and then an hour or two NAP. And in the late afternoon we have a new program...

have You wandered along the rooftops of the city? Saw how to train Iranian heroes? Sat on the warm earth Yazd? No? Then — evening!

Sadeqi Reza (Song: the Smile of God)

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