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Montenegro: a new art project Marat Gelman

Journal of the Other 31.12.2015 at 15:06

Journal of Another -

Each of the friends of Marat, who comes to Montenegro, it is the artist's House in Kotor. This is a mandatory program visit the country. Our company at the festival "Age of happiness", which I wrote, was not spared a visit there.

01. You now know that the Bay of Kotor (or Kotor Bay) — the most beautiful place on the Adriatic. Okay, let's say, one of the most beautiful.

02. The town of Kotor is located at the far end of long Bay.

03. A completely unique, fantastic beauty and I am especially nice to those that is reminiscent of Norwegian fjords. The local old town and fortress, let me remind you, registered with the cultural heritage list of UNESCO. People in these places began to settle even in the heyday of the Roman Empire.

04. It is a pity that the recent years have left in Kotor not the best memories about yourself. Here it is, for example, built some Irish and went bankrupt. To pick up an unfinished hotel in city not, have judged five years.

05. Typical socialist architecture of the 70s is also not passed by the ancient city. There used to be a management of shipping company. Recently, the developers wanted to build a hotel, but it was too late — the city has already joined white in Montenegro came Gelman and bred there such vigorous art activity that the building he just gave the developers. Forever. And the hotel will be built next. Now here, on the shore of Kotor Bay luxury equipped workshops, staffed by almost thirty artists — Montenegrin and Russian.

06. Dull shovels building energy and talent Gelman turns into a real centre for contemporary art. The government of Montenegro has provided scholarships to visiting artists — they get paid per month for 1100 euros for life and 300 for materials. Fellows work for two months and then, if you wish, you can stay and get the workshop for free use. Through this art factory has been more than 50 people, except those who come to work at his own expense.

07. You should have seen how lit up the eyes of Slava Polunin when he found this Playground near the House of the artist. She is exactly the circus arena. And in Kotor every day go ashore from the cruise ships and five thousand tourists and stay here for a few hours. Immediately had the idea to do the submission here.

08. Art objects not only inside but also outside. Here it is all alive, talking.

09. As I understand it, Marat can speak about this place for hours. His listened intently. It's really very interesting to learn first hand how people, recently arrived in the country, is already doing serious business here, which can be seen, touched,

10. Here on the walls hang works of Andrei Lublin (author of the Permian "red people").

11. It's too Lublin.

12. The Perm businessman Anatoly winter, which in 2000 bought the bankrupt "Krasnokamsk factory of wooden toys" and began to modernize, to restore production, to introduce new technologies. He worked for several years, do not have a relationship with the local authorities. Now winter in Kotor, brought the rest of the family starts a new life.

13. In Studio Dmitry Tsvetkov — one of the most famous Russian contemporary artists who started in the 90s. Now his works are in the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum.



16. Seva Novgorodtsev and his wife Olga Tsvetkova in the Studio.

17. Wonderful artists from Perm, Olga Subbotina and her husband Mikhail Pavlyukevich. In Kotor they did a series of works with embroidery outline on fabric.



20. Victor freidenberg gives Glory Polunin their "houses".



23. Ivan Plyushch and his paintings, which run away.

24. Natalia Zaloznaya and her man with a mirror who listens to himself.

25. Montenegrin artist Dragoljub Stankovic

26. Marina Skepner. It yolka

Here are the results of the project Marat Gelman in Montenegro since March, when he arrived in the country:

more than 40 art exhibitions in Kotor, Budva and Podgorica (four of them in museums), festivals of five, twenty lectures in the framework of "Russian seasons", the artist's House with 36 workshops, the draft law on benefits for film producers and the project of the Museum of women, opening of the art gallery and start selling papers, running a ceramic Studio and workshop for woodworking (workshop launch jewelry and clothing), published Montenegrin writers translated into Russian. An album of works by artists in Montenegro will be published with the participation of the Dukley Gardens.

these results I would have added two wonderful sons Egor and Peter, born Marat and Nastya. This is probably the most important thing.

27. We stood on the roof of the artist, Marat told about plans for the future, as I listened, I thought, what a pity that leaving such people — smart, talented, enthusiastic. And those who tried to squeeze him out of the country who trashed his show, threatened, humiliated and ridiculed celebrate their victory. But this is not their victory, of course. This is a common problem. Which no one knows when we can handle it.

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