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Iranian sweets — divine! Here each region will surprise you with something we are not familiar, but very tasty. Noble in Isfahan is the candy "Gas"...

KONDITERSKAYA company "Gas" famous over half a century — since 1956. Now it's a large, well-known and respected in Iran the company. The products are known around the country and far beyond its borders. Know far even in Riga, where Latvian friends of Iran brought a dozen beautiful and delicious boxes of candy.

All products of the company "Gas" environmentally friendly — it does not use chemical additives — only the natural raw materials. Here's the lineup of sweets, which you see in the photos:

1. Pistachios.

2. Almonds.

3. Egg white.

4. Rose water.

5. Turanjanin (sugary excretion in camel thorns).

this is how it turns into delicious candy, of course, a company secret.

Special and unique taste to the sweets "Gas" give the kernels of pistachios. Depending on their number changes the taste of sweets — from the wonderful (the content of pistachios 18%) to the divine (here, 38% of pistachios).

In the Noble center of Isfahan, a few, as we say, firm shops "Gas". Here everything sparkles and smells. Visit any one of them and tasted any sweetness, you will not leave without buying. Like us!

But at home, no matter where you live, candy "Gas" will decorate your holiday table and bring you warmth and brotherly love far away, good and tasty Iran...

Let's cheered by Iranian music visit the store "Gas"! Amine Heights (Song: Hey You)

Riga. Holiday Shab-e Yalda. Candy "Has


Isfahan. In the store, "Has


Seller candy

Candy "Has


Candy "Has


Candy "Has


Shop "Has


Storefront "Has


Friends of Iran from Riga with candy "Has


Margate. "Gas" for myself and for friends

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