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Zidane: "to Debut in this way like a dream"

Postgame interview of head coach.

"When a team wins, the coach can only be happy. This is my debut match and we had only three or four days to prepare. Most of all I liked the attitude of the players, those who directly participated in the match and those who remained on the bench.

Not so easy to beat Deportivo with the score 5:0. I thought about winning, as all players and we all turned out. The most important thing these days is that we have continued to work hard in training. A responsible attitude of the players to the cause was rewarded with a great victory. I am satisfied with their game".

About Gareth Baile:

"Gareth has done the same work as other team players. When we don't have the ball, the team must be United and each player must help out in defence. But if we control the ball, you need to try to find open spaces and use them. This is what has bale done today. I'm happy for him, because it is not easy to score three goals in one match".

About his fans:

"I really liked the atmosphere in the stadium, it was evident that the fans have supported the team throughout the game. Our goal is to try to demonstrate a high level of football and win every match."

On his debut:

"I'm very happy because for me this is a new challenge. It is important to be here as the head coach, and I want to enjoy this moment. Thank you to the fans, because they come to see players, and they were rewarded by the victory of the team. I wasn't nervous, but it was a long day, and very happy with our success. The debut match was at a good level, but this is only the beginning, and we need to continue to work."

About the improvements in the game

Madrid always have to win and we need to continue to act as in the last game to achieve this. No doubt we have to improve many components of our game and are going to do it. Ahead is the week of preparation for the next match, and I am confident that I will achieve this".

On Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo:

"Sergio felt some discomfort and how serious it is we will see tomorrow after the survey. I saw some good football played by Ronaldo. He always aims to hit the opponent because he likes to score. We will have other games in which it can vary".

About ISCO and James:

"I'm happy with the play of every player and especially the actions of the CSIS. The James also showed a good game in its execution. I will decide who will participate in the following matches. The answer is always the same. Today's starting lineup was like that and next week you will see whether he will change".


"the Purpose of that, getting the ball in defence you need to quickly get him on the flanks. We got it, but still need to improve in this direction. We controlled the ball well and defended well. We can improve the selection of the ball, but gradually. I just joined and need some time.

we had a good relationship during training. The players want to do everything possible to achieve positive results and now we need to continue to work. Nothing has changed between them, only that there is a new coach."