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Walnuts are often called "green gold". For their taste, nutritional and medicinal properties. Iran's climatic conditions allow to grow this kind of nuts everywhere — from the Caspian sea to the Persian Gulf. 85 thousand Iranian farmers grow walnuts. On 182.000 hectares. The harvest of 300,000 tons (fourth in the world), allows you to identify and satisfy the needs of the country.

In the season of ripening walnut — September—October — the fruit you can buy everywhere — in the Bazaar and in the shop, on the track and on the streets. And the small town of Tuyserkan, in Hamadan province, is rightly considered to be the peanut capital of Iran. We have already talked about it: the Capital city of Tuyserkan

For many miles to the Tuyserkan start nut plantations — trees and whole forests. Every dirt road or even a path going to the track, in the autumn months become the place of sale of nuts. Here they are the cheapest. And at the entrance to the "capital city" you will meet a real monument to his Majesty, Walnut.

In the middle of Twicecan a series of specialized "nut" shops. It sells only these fruit — crop of this year and last, different varieties and sizes, chopped and in the shell. You can try to bargain and even to drink tea with the shop owner. And leaving Tuyserkan, can and should be delicious and cheap lunch: lunch AT the TUYSERKAN

But in large cities, but the souks and shops, the villagers sell their crop directly on the street. Someone has a car, someone has the bag and is who and with a kilogram, others. I specifically asked — do I have the permission of the authority or of any services (police, ambulance) for such trade? My question is simply do not understand — why, whose permission? The only requirement is leaving, to leave their "place of trade" net.

And that's what I thought we would have a government — not criminal, but a people, when the police catch criminals, medical service — treated, and the government cares about people and not about yourself, your favorite. And then the police will have an order of magnitude less than in Iran, but powerful people don't need to protect. From the people. Our for, among other things, the bill...

And, as always, the song — VIA "Pallet"

Music group "Palet" (Song: the Memory of a friend)

the Monument to Mr. Nut in Tuyserkan

Walnut groves of Tuyserkan

drove up to the Tuyserkan

Yazd. Who has the garden of nuts

Hamadan. Who has a few trees

Isfahan. Anyone have one tree

Tuyserkan. Nuts for us

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