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Nolito: "If Del Bosque calls me at Euro 2016 is going to be awesome."

Nolito was a revelation this season, and his team — "Celta" — ready to deal with the Spanish giants for a place in the Champions League for next season. And all thanks to Luis Enrique... and flamenco. About Nolito told in an interview to the magazine Four Four Two.

— last season you scored 13 goals and recorded 13 assists. In what mood have You started this season?

— I was very happy and satisfied, but would like to achieve even more. This season we are really competitive, once even was on the top of the table.

— What do you think is different this season?

— With the arrival of Iago ASPAs from Liverpool and John Guidetti from Manchester city we have more power in attack. The first half of the season we had a great time. Guys full of confidence in what we do.

— do you think You will get into the national team at Euro 2016?

Is difficult to predict, but why not? I'll try. Because you need something to dream about in life. If I continue to play well, and Del Bosque will call me into the national team would be fantastic! To play with the best players of the country is a big honor. Never thought that this could happen.

— What do You remember in your childhood when You were growing up in Cadiz on the southern coast of Spain?

— I spent there the best moments of my life, playing with friends on the streets of Secular. I was raised by my grandparents, and uncle and aunt — they are brother and sister. Every goal I dedicate to my grandfather, because he took me to every workout. Grandfather was strict with me, but because of this I became what I am. It is for him I work every day and learn something new. The best time in my career, I have yet to come.

— You are also a sailor, like Your grandfather?

(laughs) Yeah, something like that. I like to swim, but only in the summer and when the weather is good, and when stormy — I won't get into the sea. Me and my brother jesús had often fished with my grandfather on the boat. I liked it, but it is a difficult profession — you have a lot of work to make something.

the— Street players like You leave in the past?

— Yes, it's true. With mobile phones, PlayStation and all such children are much less leave the house to play. On my old streets in Seculare now you can see only three or four children, and used to be twenty or more. Every summer I play outside with his friends until so tired exhausted. At the end of each season I give all the guys a t-shirt salty — I agreed with the club and take them on the cheap! Love to give anything to his old friends.

— You are in Valencia at the age of 15 years. Was it difficult?

— Yes, easy, because in Singulare live different people closer to each other, communicate a lot on the streets. I left home a child, but I knew what I wanted. I was there for two years and learned a lot. Even had to work in a butcher shop from nine in the morning until lunch. Cut meat, serve customers, wash the floors, and then fled to the train. It was a rewarding experience.

— Back home, after spending some time in Ecija, You are in "Barcelona B" in 2008. It became the embodiment of one dream?

It was the limit of my dreams. My whole family is a fan of Leopard, and I honestly never thought that I would have to sign a contract with them. I talked with the coach, and the case was decided. On the training methods used out there that I even had no idea, I've reached the shape, which never dreamed. It was one of the most important stages of my career, for three years in Barcelona I was much better.

— Why in 2013 You chose Celta Vigo played against Benfica a couple of years?

— to be honest, I went to Celta Vigo because of Luis Enrique. He called and told me that several times already trying to sign me. In training, Enrique has always spoken to me personally; once said that I need to eat better and lose 6 pounds, because the wingers in La Liga slimmer than I was then. Since then, I always monitor their diet and feel that it is good for me.

— You are a passionate fan of flamenco. Who would You choose: Romario and the legendary singer Camarón de La Isla?

— (without delay) of Camarón de La Isla. Yes, I play soccer, but before I come to workout, I listen to flamenco, flamenco, flamenco! I attend all of the shows can even hold parties at home; it is a pity that can't enjoy these even more. Romario is one of my idols, I love him very much, but if You asked who I would like to meet most, I would call the Camarón, no doubt.

— once You said, "Rich is not one who has much, and those who have little." Explain?

— All love money, some more than others. Money to live better, but they do not always make a person happy. I have received good offers in the past, with higher salaries, but I don't think I should just go.