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Scientists have discovered the high-energy light emitted from a star, with a diameter of several kilometers

Science news - Microform™ news holography 15.01.2016 at 06:48

Science news - Microform™ news holography

Scientists and astronomers working with the Observatory, MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov), reported the discovery of the most famous scientist among high-energy pulse radiation, the source of which is a neutron star in the supernova of 1054 A. D., known as the Crab pulsar. This pulsar is the remnant of a star explosion which created the Crab nebula. The pulsar has a mass 1.5 times larger than the mass of the Sun, concentrated in the body, with a diameter of just 10 kilometers. The pulsar rotates with a speed of 30 revolutions per second and it is surrounded by the strongest magnetic field whose strength exceeds the strength of the magnetic field of the Sun in ten thousand billion times.